RCG Kids

We are building a joyful, confident and compassionate generation of global citizens one child at a time.


A friend of mine started a service for babies that makes moms feel good about going back to work. Instead of someone that just changes diapers, these loving caregivers help raise kind, capable and happy kids. This is done by exposing babies to languages, cultures and guided play during the most important learning period of their lives from 0-3. 

Windows of a child's development open and then close between the ages of 0-5. Research has shown that exposing children as early as possible to foreign languages, nurturing caregivers, and guided play permanently raises their emotional intelligence and self esteem.

RCG Kids is a multi-cultural early childhood care service --an alternative to nannies and preschool-- that for nearly a decade has been helping families around the world raise happy, smart and kind children.

For more information go to their Facebook page RCGKidsNYC or call (800) 522-4036.

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